When you're on the front lines of environmental resistance, we're got your back!

Backing you up on the Frontlines

Legal Support for Line 3 Resistance


Lawyers and Legal Workers:

Line 3 Resistance Legal Support Needs You!

Join us to help create structures that work best for legal workers and activists. Learn about what legal needs already exist and what will be needed in to the future. We are especially interested in working with attorneys interested in Indigenous issues and treaty rights, environmental issues, and working with activist campaigns. We are also seeking to build a team of legal observers to attend protests and monitor law enforcement actions, as well as people interested in providing on the ground legal support.

If this is you shoot us an email at PLANLine3@gmail.com. Lawyers are encouraged to fill out this form to help us better understand your interest and experience.






What you can do


We are looking for lawyers who are able to represent activists who are arrested during the struggle against the line 3 pipeline at reduced rates or pro-bono

Legal support

Want to get involved in non-representation legal work for pipeline activists? Get in touch to be plugged in with work that needs to be done on trainings, logistical coordination, information gathering and more

Legal observing

Work with the National Lawyer’s Guild legal observer program to make sure activists’ rights are not being violated by law enforcement and pipeline employees


We are here to strengthen and support resistance to the Line 3 project. Keeping up the fight is the best way to support our work!


Help us fund trainings and build an emergency fund for activists who are not able to pay their legal fees and travel expenses through their own networks